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June 13 /

Love this dub version excursion of Around the World by Mato, who has covered the whole of Daft Punk’s first album in similar style and it’s called Homework Dub (obviously). Love the video, and sounds like there are a few…

February 20 /
May 15 /
October 10 /

Madeon’s Pop Culture is probably my mashup of the year – not only by a very talented 16 year old it was live too!

I was always disappointed that the mashup vides for it didn’t include even a third of the videos available though – and in at least one case included the wrong clips for some of the vocal parts. Also I noticed that conversely there were some excellent dance videos, especially Nathan Barnett’s amazing one.

So I decided to make a megamashup video for it – only 3 months late, but I hate to see a classic like that not have a similarly epic video. I’ve listened to the original millions of times, and think I’ve caught where most of the samples are but some are very well hidden, so a few guesses are in there. Also tried to mix it up a bit, previous videos have been a little monotonous & repetitive (free pro tip: you don’t have to repeat the same clip every time!).

No real idea where Justice, Gaga, Katy Perry, Solange or Deadmau5 really are, and I couldn’t find a decent vid for Mr Blue Sky…that bit is just err, blue sky anyway.