Parkade Flashback #3 – Nasty, Silly and Dirty

Here’s a final live mix from the archives I found from circa July 2007 and at my Cruise Control night at the Parkade in Second Life I did for over 2 years…this one is nasty, silly and dirty in places (with also a large chunk of Number of Da Boots for some reason!) – a little rough as this was only the 3rd mix I recorded (or did!) but shifting from breakcore to bootlegs to hiphop and accordions and country and metal and cheesy disco…*pants for breath* – well you get a good idea how eclectic my dj mixes were then at Cruise Control.

I do still miss the Parkade!

Nasty as I wanna be (97Mb, 100mins)

P.S. Can anyone ID the track after the JAMS? It’s really bugging me and spent hours trying to find out what it might be…


  • Team9 – Big School (Hot Chip vs Peter Gabriel)
  • LFO – Love is the Message
  • Matmos – Steam And Sequins For Larry Levan
  • Celebrity Murder Party – Physical Recovery
  • Dolly Parton – Baby I’m Burning
  • Zhighuli – Lazy Testarossa (X-Press 2 Lazy vs Kavinsky – Testarossa (SebastiAn mix))
  • Change – Weekend
  • DATA – Aerius Light
  • Spank Rock – Justice/Thunderous Olympians Remix
  • Lionel Vinyl – Owner of a Lonely Butt
  • KC and the Sunshine Band – Queen of Clubs
  • Max Cyrin – Gusto’s Revenge
  • Lobsterdust – Marley Maiden (from Exodus to Revelations)
  • Snares – Black Sabbath
  • Wax Audio – Maiden goes to Hollywood
  • Celebrity Murder Party (feat. Joanne Lunan) – Sympathy for the Soul of the Beast
  • Wax Audio – Hallowed be thy Enemy
  • 50 Pence – P.I.N.T.
  • Faither of the E-jitz – 50 Bluebells (50 Cent vs Jimmy Shand)
  • Dunproofin – Fiddy Fiddy Fiddy Fiddy (50 Cent vs Kaiser Chiefs)
  • The JAMS – Don’t Take Five (Take What You Want)
  • Mochipet – Botan Ricecore (Aaron Spectre rmx)
  • Math Head – Bonafidekilla (Aaron Spectre remix)
  • Shitmat – His Dad Is A Maltese, His Mom Is A Malti-Poo
  • Aaron Spectre – 1600 Penn, FTW
  • Boss Hoss – Hey Ya
  • Kinks – Shangri-La
  • GHP – Nightbeatle

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  1. November 15

    Mochipet – Botan Ricecore (Aaron Spectre rmx)

    Juxt checking

    • November 15

      Thanks! I should’ve asked the breakcore expert, really…

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