Fat White Family – Feet

Loving the song and now video for Fat White Family’s Feet – a big hit at Duckie when I was there, I can guess the video also had part in that….Querelle and Genet (in fact I’m guessing the Panther/Cuban ‘rebels’ are a nod to his later work) meets Paul Cadmus, via a comment on the homoerotic and futile nature of fascism and war (and I suspect a nod to the current climes)…

I feel I need to do a film studies degree to unpack the video!

Sadly missed out on Lexington tickets, sold out – but will try and see them at their Forum gig, I’ve seen them before during their messy ‘bad old days’ they obliquely reference in interviews, it’d be interesting to see what new improved Fat White are upto. Looking forward to that album as well.

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