RC 288: Milk and Honey (and other scaphic desires)

The Soviets are Coming! And the Beat it uses you, Comrade! Novichoka Can (or bottle). Too soon?

Here is an international disco and funk episode, mostly from the former Soviet region and Eastern Europe (Uzbekistani cosmic disco anyone? Latvian funk? Try it you might like it!) but also from Spain, Italy and Belgium and Egypt. We also have some rock/metal mashups and covers including from Japan, French electronica, UK dub and punk, American indie and psych, neo-classical from Scandinavia and some very silly mashups.

We are the veritable United Nations of Music, and about to all go and leave NATO, start WW3 and Brexit it up for everyone, predictably…if it wasn’t so hot!

It probably is the best disco and funk mix I’ve done for a long time, if ever…it’s recommended (if I say so myself)

Original Disco Project Genuine 501 Rayban Oakley Bitcoin Work At Home Brides Say Hello! (197Mb, 2:15)

  • Bill McClintock – Whole Lotta Trooper
  • Man Parrish & Hard Ton – Whole Lotta Love [Main Mix]
  • Petr Gorst – Master of Macarena
  • NHK Blends – Back in Black
  • Buzzcocks – Promises
  • Parquet Courts – Violence
  • Falcons – Perdido En El Universo
  • E. Driatskaya & V. Artyukh – El Condor Pasa (If I Could)
  • Mirdza Zīvere – Zozefino
  • Shitân (Pino Presti) – Shitân Disco
  • Chaka Khan – Chaka Khan – Like Sugar (Ext)
  • Queen Samantha – Take A Chance
  • Garnegy & Maties – Motorbikes Circus
  • Aleksander Zatsepin – Tanec Shamana
  • Disco Orchestra – Диско – Igor Petrenko – (I Can’t Stop)
  • Al Massrieen – Sah
  • Hello, Song! Zdrastvui, pesnia! – I visila (I Will Survive)
  • Super Disco – System Love
  • Daniel Avery – Daniel Avery – Quick Eternity (Four Tet Remix)
  • Original – Sen Kajdan Bilasanн (Where are you from Bïlasan)
  • Ender Pearl – This Is America Da Be Dee Da Be Die
  • Twinkieman – This Is America Call Me Maybe
  • The Cowsills – Is Your Love Alive?
  • Hollie Cook – Milk & Honey (feat. Prince Fatty) [Mr Bongo]
  • Rock Atelier Rock-Atelye – Ya Pel Kogda Letal (I Sang When I Flew)
  • Paul Beaver, Cyrus Faryar – Leo – The Lord Of Lights
  • Nils Frahm – My Friend the Forest
  • Raimonds Pauls – Raindrops
  • Maxence Cyrin – Walking In The Rain (Feat. Miss Kittin)
  • Sandy Denny – Just a Little Bit of Rain
  • David Sylvian with Ryuichi Sakamoto – Forbidden Colours

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