RC 249: A is For Acid Accordion (Odds and Sods #15)

Spell Acid?
That is correct!
Now spell Accordion?
That’s correct!
Now spell Antidisestablishmentarianism?

Not done an Odds and Sods show for a while, and this motley and curious collection surely qualifies. Even an intro via Speak and Spell (yes I edited it to make the words) via Pink Floyd and some accordion playing…there is a sort of psychedelic theme running throughout it seems. And even an exclusive Reality Engine track from me, which you might have heard only on Radio Clash Live, and now here…

Turn on, tune in, and chord out. (2:02, 121MB)

  • Rudimental feat. Foxes – Right Here (Andy C Remix)
  • Harry Nilsson – Cuddly Toy (demo)
  • The Monkees – Daddy’s Song
  • Chance The Rapper – Cocoa Butter Kisses (ft. Vic Mensa & Twista)
  • Raekwon & Ghostface – Legal Coke
  • Exco Levi – This Is Life
  • Freddie Mcgregor & Jackie Mittoo – Bobby Bobylon/One Step Beyond
  • P.M. Dawn – If I Wuz U
  • Newcleus – Computer Power (Push The Button)
  • Friend Within – The 90s
  • Nervo – Hold On (Fred Falke Remix)
  • The Wurzels – Golden Brown
  • Duckmandu – California Uber Alles
  • what capitalism was – Facades
  • Manfred Mann Chapter III – One Way Glass (Soundhog Edit)
  • John Foxx and The Belbury Circle with Pye Corner Audio – Empty Avenues and Dark Corners
  • How to Destroy Angels – A Drowning (Bonus Track)
  • Les Troubadours Du Roi Baudouin – Sanctus
  • Kid Baltan (Dick Raaijmakers) – Song of the Second Moon
  • Jane Weaver – Noctilumina
  • Belbury Poly – The Willows
  • Trader Horne – Morning Way
  • Jane Weaver – A circle and a star
  • Bonnie Koloc – My Aunt Edna
  • Boards of Canada – Reach For The Dead
  • Reality Engine – Dot.Com Crash Out
  • Them – It’s All Over Now Baby Blue

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