Presets – Downtown Shutdown

Somehow I missed the fact that Presets have a new album out in just over a week on the 1st of June called Hi-Viz. One of the singles released this month was this, Downtown Shutdown, which ostensibly is a party anthem, but I think given past secretly political songs like ‘My People’ I suspect the shutdown might also be of a political sort. Certainly this would rock a Pride Parade.

Earlier in the year they released 14U+14ME…similarly great video which makes me wonder if that’s motion stock footage – the fakeness of the emotions in the people stands out. I hope they tour the UK at some point, I’d love to see them, never managed it so far – the last two albums still haven’t left my iPod, many years later.

And last year – Do What You Want which I’m guessing is also on the album? Very catchy:

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