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Heard about Susie Blue from Northern Ireland via the BBC’s Gay Britannia season, where I heard the BBC Radio Belfast’s show about the queer music scene there called after their song, People Like Us. The focus is on Northern Ireland not just because of the (homophobic, transphobic) DUP but also SOAK, but I think Susie Blue deserves some love, a great band with a catchy up-tempo song about not fitting in cos you’re different. It seems like there is a healthy scene there, despite the classic ‘small town/locals don’t understand’ draw of London.

It’s hard to place musically, a little Daughters, a little XX, a little Chvrches – also a bit Glasvegas which makes me hope when a record label picks them up – if not already as I notice they’ve removed most of their Bandcamp tracks – they don’t smooth off the rough edges like that band.

Also love their more recent tracks, ‘Be A Lady’ about the gender binary and restrictive roles that places on us which has an uber-sweet video where they seem to let kids dress them up and do their mashup:

And earlier tracks like I Beg You, Guess The End and Trust Me.

I hesitate to do this usually, but I think this band is the next big thing, if they aren’t there is no justice in the world. They have it, whatever that is, but I heard People Like Us & Be A Lady (available on iTunes btw) and just could hear it. If I was still podcasting regularly I’d be raving about them and playing them constantly.

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