Bah Humbug 3: Now I Have A Machine Gun, Ho Ho Ho!

Merry Christmas from Radio Clash, and how better to celebrate with the third instalment of Bah Humbug, the strange, wrong, silly and anti-Christmas music compilation?

Again it’s 80 minutes so can fit on a CD but this time in a long mix format this time (partly because I didn’t want to be shouted at by a few people wanting to flog their Xmess goods) but downloadable as a present to all those who stuck by Radio Clash Podcast all those years! In fact long-time listeners will recognise some of these tracks, it’s kind of a ‘best of’ mix of what I’ve collected and played over the last 3 years since BH2.

And I’ve listened to a LOT of Xmas compilations over the years, and I think BH are the best (if I say so myself) a mix of ‘hip’ obscure and the better known, from death metal to punk to industrial to mashup to cutup to EDM to hiphop and comedy. Certainly I know Bah Humbug 1 + 2 get the yearly Kirk nod-of-approval, so I hope this one is good enough to join his yearly present wrapping playlist…

This one is distilled/inspired/partly stolen from these people, amongst many others:

Oh and this is not safe for Santa, small children, reindeer, elves, let alone work – or anyone at Christmas for that matter.

How Does Santa Like His Pizza? Deep Pan, Crisp And Even (1:20, 98Mb)

You can still download the first Bah Humbug, and Bah Humbug 2 and various Christmas shit here.

  • Robot Chicken – Now I Have a Machine Gun
  • Amarna Reign – Black Christmas
  • The Sonics – Don’t Believe In Christmas
  • Freddie Fustercluck – Christmas Bubble (exclusive version)
  • ATOM – Santa Ist Das Bein Stalker – ATOM
  • Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer – Oh, Santa!
  • The Blood Red Oscars – Santa Comes Only Once a Year
  • Perry Como – Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Mark and Lard – Classic Cuts)
  • The Vandals – C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S
  • Kizunami – The Skillcracker
  • Paddy Roberts – Merry Christmas You Suckers
  • Cassetteboy – Seasons Reapings
  • Tortured Conscience – The Little Drummer Boy
  • MXPX – Christmas Night of Zombies
  • Nybbl – joytotheworldexceptfortheforiegnworkers
  • Erik Lindgren – A Special Personalized Christmas Greeting for You from All the Retailers
  • Ren And Stimpy – We’re Going Shopping
  • The Wind-up Birds – Working Christmas Day
  • Digital Factor – Bloody Christmas
  • Lee Hartsfeld – Christmas Is Coming Again,ha,haa!
  • Jack Scott – There’s Trouble Brewin’
  • Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio – I Am Santa Claus
  • Suzannah – Mom & Daddy, Please Don’t Steal For Us This Christmas
  • Ellen Marty – X-Mas Gift
  • Bitch and Animal – Ganja
  • Bob Gerrard – Snow Man
  • Jim Backus – Why Don’t You Go Home For Christmas
  • Red Sovine – Here It Is, Christmas
  • Bruce Haack & Ted Pandel – Wrtten In The Snow
  • Hybrid Kids – No St. Bernard
  • Sy Mann – When Christmas Comes
  • Invocal – You’ve Ruined Christmas
  • dma-sc – the first blip blop noel
  • Eric Idle – Fuck Christmas

[Original Santa image is from SliceofNYC, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic]

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