A friend posted this amazing video, based off real places in the solar system, more about each location on his website (spookily I looked at the star formation early in the film and went ‘oh that’s a long time ago’ – turns out, 10,000 BC)

My friend said that we or our children won’t be doing this. My response is this: the pace currently is slow but that’s cos the will isn’t there, humans are too busy fighting each other. Also space exploration seems to come from negative stuff – cold war, so maybe it would take a massive catastrophe or war for humans to go. But it could be done in our lifetime if the will was there, most of the technology is in place, all that’s missing is near light speed travel, and some of the life support systems. All it mostly takes is a lot of money and a lot of effort, and the odd scientific breakthrough…but that has to be seeded by a herculean effort, which is currently lacking. But we’ll get there, someday. Sooner than you think…technology can make jump to lightspeed when you don’t expect it. (via Paul Parkinson)

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