Everybody’s doing the twist (even pop artists)

I saw clips off the 1962 film Pop Goes The Easel aeons ago, but never watched the full BBC Monitor documentary by a young Ken Russell until now. It featured an equally young looking Peter Blake, Pauline Boty, Derek Boshier and Peter Phillips.

What I love about this, and the clip I saw many moons ago is the wonderfully awkward/cute dancing by Peter Blake in the twist sequence. It makes me laugh every time. I always meant to use that bit in a VJ sequence but never did, since I couldn’t find a decent copy…it seems so incongruous and self conscious. Also add in Hockney’s rather odd dancing, and the fact I guess they must have filmed that part for ages, since it goes the whole song, I bet they had to do several ‘takes’.

In fact many of the sequences seem to surf that line between staged and reality, factual and counter-factual, kay-fabe and conventional. I guess that was Ken Russell’s point, a sort of magical realist take on super-pop life.

Also what’s the deal with the cup with three rings? It appears all the way through, as a sort of Easter egg…


    • May 15

      Wow that’s great…definitely will mention/link to that on the blog 😀

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