Take away the fancy bling and there’s a man with a tiny thing!

Nice car! I must say I usually think this, especially with the rather odd thing of older men on profile sites *I hear…cough* standing by their sports car or big house, next to the description saying ‘If you want money or are a gold digger go elsewhere!’ – hmm. Mixed messages indeed. Definitely compensating, too.

But no mixed messages on how great this track is…and is that Liam Kyle Sullivan (Shoes – Kelly) at the end?

Also having a bit of a drag-music-sesh – love Willam Belli’s RuPaulogize featuring Sharon Needles, who is well worth checking out, and I agree, drag queens are much better role models than Disney Princesses. (Werq it Manila Luzon!) I can confirm, you never want to cross one, but they’re usually total sweeties under all that fierce. Funny how the disqualified one is probably going to have the biggest career isn’t it (always the way with reality shows – but I do think Sharon Needles will take it to another level too, bringing the spoken word and punk/noise, below. ART BABY, ART.). And a lot more interesting than the ‘safe’ Drag Race schtick – must say I’m more into the transgressive/Tranimal/messy kind of thing. But how far we have come…

Relatio Clash

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