2econd Class Citizen – Change

Loving the 2econd Class Citizen album ‘The Small Minority” which kindly the band sent me before release (it’s out digitally on the 18th, physically on the 25th on Equinox – you see I’m a whore for good free stuff, LOL)

He’s been working with DJ Food and I love the psychedelic vibe – very chillwave/anti-folk but also pushing all those psych-rock/70’s buttons – maybe even slightly *gasp* prog in places but I won’t hold that against him 😉

Here’s a very trippy but good video for Change, love how it goes all Doctor Who in the middle (those old enough to remember the 70’s Doctor Who intro will know what I mean!). I also played one of the more ambient album tracks in the latest podcast, it fitted right in with the chilled out feel.

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