Psychodelidisco Afrobeat remix double

Here’s the final two remixes/re-edits I did for the Psychodelidisco mix, and both are afrobeat. First up is psychedelic African electronica from Benis Cletin, his Jungle Magic has some amazing crazy synths and a superstitious vibe but timing wise was all over the place, so I extended it, re-edited it, warped and made it far more DJ friendly:

Next up is Eddie Hooper, who eventually moved from afrobeat to reggae but did some really deep music, like Tomorrow’s Sun on the mix, or observational songs like Nosey People. Well worth checking out. I like both of these because of the use of synths, and the chilled feel, but also show that Africa wasn’t just Joromi/Highlife guitars or ethnic drumming…I suspect we’ll hear a lot more electronic music from this time leak out in future.

You can download this and other Psychodelidisco mixes on my Bandcamp.

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