The New Sound of Music

Well for 1979…this BBC documentary is a really good explaination about how sound synthesis works and where the technology has come from – and as well as featuring David Vorhaus and Peter Zinovieff aka founder of EMS, it also includes the Radiophonic Workshop with the likes of Malcolm Clarke. Peter Howell and Paddy Kingsland (and is that an uncredited Elizabeth Parker?). Fascinating look at their work too including Doctor Who, and it does go into earlier pieces such as from John Baker and Delia Derbyshire, although not by name:

I miss BBC documentaries that were as clear and educational as this – the principles of synthesis explained in the program still is in use today in the latest VST if rather differently implemented…although of course in 1979 sampling hadn’t hit the mainstream, and the computer used in the studio is laughably is a mainframe with a teletype machine – the microcomputer revolution was rather missed, which only 7 years later Micro Live was covering Cheetah Specdrum and suchlike on the home computer, just to show the rapid pace!

Also a lot of that early computer music sounds like 8bit computer game music to me!

If you can watch Part 3 and Part 4 I’d recommend it as that includes the genesis of the classic “Greenwich Chorus” and David Vorhaus in his studio playing a gigantic penis Kaleidophon. 😉

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