Music Trawl: Here comes the Afrobeats (Mono T ft. Navy & Masheleng “Bashanyana”
– whose video oddly seems to have been pulled off YouTube?)

I’d kind of lost track of south african house and kwaito since the last time but one I was there…I’d heard bits since but it seemed just like normal house from South Africa, and the 1Xtra documentary I heard tonight on Afrobeatstalked about that, that the house is moving back to the kwaito/local elements (which I think is a good idea, because faceless house can be made anywhere by anyone, but not those beats and that feel, it’s unique. The difference between kwaito – which currently is a form of South African hiphop but traditionally much closer to the music on Graceland and Duck Rock – and south african house has become increasingly blurred, as kwaito takes more house elements and Afro/SA house does likewise…).

So inspired by that documentary and listening to DJ Edu I went on one of my legendary YouTube/site trawls, not done of those in ages!

Here’s the big Afrobeats tune by D’Banq – Oliver Twist, Estelle and Skepta are all over this:

An example of this kwaito/house crossover: Mr Uptight – Rhythmic Elements. Kwaito? House? Who cares when it’s this much fun!

So here’s a funny but very South African video by Mono T ft. Navy & Masheleng – Bashanyana.

And here’s South African house pioneer Oskido presents Black Motion ft Jah Rich “Banane Mavoko” – love that whistle sound and the drums in this:

And Kwaito isn’t dead, just gone on holiday in places like Zambia! (Inseparable ft DJ T-Boz – Ma Africa – hey a fusion I actually like)

And over in Kenya there’s the Genge hit by the wonderfully named Nick Styles, Bonoko – Bonoko means fake gun and taken from an interview with a guy who saw a 10 year old gunned down for urinating on a wall then the police put a fake gun in his hand:

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