Of Birthday Kilts and Bootie London

Bootie London went with a bang (almost literally with Eric Kleptone above with birthday sparkler!) and it was a few days after my birthday too, so I treated myself to a long-wanted kilt and turned up as sort of ZZ-Top/Scottish/biker/leather mashup wearing a leather vest, a black traditional kilt (in true Scottish style, of course! Tube journeys were fun…), top hat and shades – see pic below…those who’ve seen pictures of my Second Life avatar will know how it looked, I’ve wanted to try out that outfit in real life for years and opening the second Bootie London was an opportunity I couldn’t miss! I got loads of nice comments so it seemed to have worked – as did my set, 1 hour of Old Skool <> New Skool mostly British mashups from Frenchbloke, Soundhog, Lyd, Pop Bastard, Go Home Productions, Fondue Meltdown, Bitter Sound Foundation to jamiecg74 and Bastard classics such as Soulwax’s Eye of the Tiger mashup – so I was there to represent British mashupery and the Bastard legacy – and the second hour more dancier newer stuff from me, inc some demos/unreleased mashups I’m working on.

Kilt and Leather and shades: DjNoNo Ulysses anyone?

Next up was Adrian playing Bootie classics and João Brasil playing a more harder electro set downstairs – yes there were two floors – I was playing upstairs in the bar and then downstairs was the slightly harder side of bootlegs, but boy was it hot down there – reminded me of how hot Bastard used to get! Adrian also did several Midnight Mashup performance Shows as well down there which went down a treat.

Adrian performing at Bootie London

Later on Mysterious D took over the decks upstairs and towards the end downstairs (rocking a panda hat in that heat? HOW?) and similarly Eric Kleptone did the split level dual DJ set, earlier upstairs and later on downstairs…by then it had gotten very messy downstairs as you can see from some of the pictures in the Bootie London set, but earlier on was the best moment of the night for me – it was Eric’s birthday (and mine the day before) and he hit a laptop glitch in his set…so the crowd spontaneously sang Happy Birthday then a large cigar-style sparkler appeared – which is the picture you see at the top. A classic moment and not one you could plan…thankfully all the other things went well despite a few problems downstairs earlier on (could be karma, cos I didn’t fuck up my set at all – I always make at least ONE mistake), and he delivered a rocking set of Kleptones classics…

Simon Payroll and Adrian – I missed most of Payroll’s set due to the heat…


Bootie London pics are online despite struggling with a very crappy iPhoto – it really doesn’t work well with Flickr does it?

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