Not news but old mixes reupped

Like When Kate Married Willy *yawn* and Beatles => iTunes *double yawn* this is not exactly new news, but I’ve reupped some of my old mixes onto Mixcloud and Soundcloud (and account 2) and other places.

So if you’re bored with the inane Franklin Mint level talk and want something to listen to, here’s my old Noi5e mixes from 2005:

  • ‘I Hate Jazz’ – a mix about hating jazz that includes, err, jazz
  • ‘R-House’ – a paean to those old acid house and original house tapes that I copied from Kirk
  • ‘Punk Is Playing At My House’ – more of an old-skool punk and ska mixtape really, but some weird eclectic covers in there

Topically here is my Bah Humbug mix from 2005 (not for the easily offended!):

And here is my Saarbroken mix from 2009:

Now Disco mix from 2010:

Gay Shame 2 mix from 2007:

Cuddle the Present (electro-house)

Boot in 60 Seconds (30 track mashup mix from 30 people – the mix that inspired 72)

DJNoNo – Calamity Metal Party – originally for Skip to the End, May 2008. Breakcore to metal to drum and bass to weird…

Relatio Clash

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