My Noise: 4 Jazz Mix now up!

The new Boots-N-Remixes forum Jazz mixes are now up including one long-form mix from me!

You can now get my Jazz mix here and also my last Noisy mix, the Punk mix and tracklist here (both for those who don’t have b00mb0x logins).

I’m very proud of my Jazz mix, only my 2nd properly released long mix, and whereas Punk was more of a mixtape this is more of a densely layered intermixed piece.

It also has a DJNoNo exclusive not currently heard anywhere else! Cha Hop – it’s the latest thing for 2006, you’ll see.

I HATE JAZZ (56Mb, 60mins – Tracklist below)

Tracks used range from Japanese Jazz-sampling J-pop and scratching from DJ Yoda and Osymyso jazz mashups, to Manuel, Joe Loss and Lawrence Welk to People Like Us and William Burroughs…oh and some BAD JAZZ, you have been warned…


    Hal Cali – Conversations of a Mystery
    DJ Yoda – Scratching & Keyboard Tecniques Featuring Dizzy Gillespie
    Osymyso – Track 27 from ‘The Art of Flipping Channels’
    Venetian Snares – Dance Like Your Sellign Nails
    Pop Group (?) – Springer
    Rose Hill Junior High School Jazz Ensemble – Lady Madonna
    DJ Yoda – Dizzy Plays The Sax
    Reverend Dan – Baby Matrix Boy
    Gingersteve – Scruffy Message
    Grandad – The Charleston Rebel
    Christina vs RikkiRok – Dirty Dixieland Charleston
    Lawrence Welk – Blame it on the Bossa Nova
    Senor Coconut – Showroom Dummies
    Joe Loss – Wheels (cha cha)
    DJNoNo – Cha Cha Like It’s Hot
    Laurindo Almeida – Desafinado
    Ken Nordine – Yellow
    Ramsey Lewis – Hang on Sloopy
    Shock Headed Peters – I, Bloodbrother Be
    NY Ska Jazz Ensemble – Mood Indigo
    Alex C- Count it out
    People Like Us – Swing Largo
    The Hellers – Creative Freakout
    Fourstones – Kill Yourself
    Mario & Zelda Big Band Live – Go Go Mario (Super Mario Bros)
    NY Ska Jazz Ensemble – Nintendo theme
    mario scat version
    Manuel – Quando Quando Quando
    Richard Cheese – She Hates Me
    Beck – MTV Makes Me Want to Smoke Crack
    Paul Anka – Smells Like Teen Spirit
    Richard Cheese – Are You Gonna Be My Girl?
    Material ft William Burroughs – Words of Advice
    Alex Reece – Jazzmaster (Kruder and Dorfmesiter remix)
    Bobby Womack – California Dreaming
    Mr. Lynn Carter – She’s A He (part one)


  1. November 14

    Wow…only three days in and I’ve gone through over 60% of my bandwidth hosting these mixes. I may have to switch to bittorrent before my host goes nuts.

    Thanks TBC for your great mix. Thanks to the other mixers for some ace work. Thanks to everyone who has listened.

  2. November 14

    thanks Spiny – I better catch them all now before you switch!

  3. Alex
    November 16

    HOLY SHIT this is good… yet its filled with so much bad jazz… yet it’s soooo good.. but bad… but good.. FUCK

  4. November 16

    This was as an awesome mix of great stuff. The Cassette (if that’s what they are) cut ups in the middle always kinda throw me off. I was never sure if I could get behind those… but they’re slowly growing on me. Like some spore, mold or fungus.

    Thanks for putting this in.

  5. November 21

    The Noisy Six have been overwhelmed by the response Noise 4 has received (along with Spiny’s dear bandwidth), and this can only be attributed to the talents of TBC, special guest mwude, and the quality that inspires in the rest of us (HDD, Scenius, Spiny et moi).

    Yay for you for listening, yay for us once again.

    Give ’em a vote at in the Awards for 2005, wont u?

    Next year: the final two sets…

  6. November 27

    Well it finally happened. is now down due to bandwidth limitations. Thank you TBC and everyone who went to the site and downloaded the mixes. The mixes will be available to everyone on b00mb0x for the next week or so, and afterwards, will be available in the b00mb0x archive for only a one time fee of $12.95. Please donate to b00mb0x as there are over 500 mixes available in the archive, and most of them are EXCELLENT. Also, the first three series of Noise mixes can be found in the archive, so check it out!

  7. bitter betty
    February 19

    Get Noisy!

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