New for 2009?

Just looking through the BBC’s Sound of 2009 – and I’m struck by the thought that unlike 2008 which in rock and pop has been fairly MEH with a few exceptions (dance and drum and bass is in rude health though; indie has become corporate and bland; pop is ringtones now with only a few smart exceptions) I think 2009 we’ll be in for a shock…and nothing on this list will be part of that.

The nu-rave thing has run it’s course, as has the 80’s references and electro, and the economy and future is uncertain so I doubt that ultra-bright shiny fluffy 80’s pop is going to be in. I think and hope that there is going to be a big leftfield surprise musically next year…the spectrum of boring safe mainstream stuff wanting you to buy things, coupled with what’s going on in the world energising a new generation, well does it sound familiar? Sounds very mid 70’s to me…

I hope so anyway, because what’s on this BBC Sound of 2009 is just more of the same.

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