PodcampUK – Sept 1-2nd Brum

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Well you know I like a bit of camp, well there’ll be a LOT of camp on the 1st and 2nd September in Birmingham – PodCampUK to be exact! PodCampUK is an unconference, more like Hackercon/Bloggercons in the US apparently, and previous successful Podcamps in the US mean they’re being replicated world-wide…they are more audience led, so it remains to be seen what that entails, but it sounds promising. I definitely want to help out, but with a massive load of people already involved I’m not sure what I can add, but hey…

And anyway it’ll probably be an excuse for a big piss up…so sign up at the Wiki if yer coming!

I’m going to try and be there, maybe with partner if he isn’t busy…be good to interact/meet with you!

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