Radio Clash 108: Radio Clash LIVE #1!

Instead of the aborted Parkade set last week, I took the feed and did a longer live version of the show, and also recorded it – here are the results pretty much unedited. Watch out for future live editions/recordings of Radio Clash – there will be more, I’ve bought the stream! It’s so live it’s electrified! (93Mb, 1:55)

  • Martinn – A Pirate Fantasy
  • EL Barto & Liam B – Everybody Be Happy
  • ELO – Don’t Let Me Down
  • C.H.A.O.S. Productions – Bootlegs Are Dead
  • Bloc Party – Hunting For Witches (from A Weekend in the City)
  • Franz Ferdinand – What you waiting for? (Live Lounge)
  • B52’s – Give Me Back My Man
  • Lumpy’s advert
  • Sparks – Who Don’t Like Kids
  • djbc – Message from the City
  • Public Enemy – Caught, Can We Get a Witness
  • Dale B – Me And Julio
  • Juxtaposeur – CheersBurn
  • TimeZup – elec6 v jaxx v malente
  • ACDC vs Team9 – Back in Black/Back in ’85
  • DJ C – Billie Jungle (aka Let It Billie?)
  • Who Boys – Pass the Voodoo Molly (unreleased exclusive)
  • Toots and the Maytals – Funky Kingston
  • Norma White and Brentford Disco Set – I Want Your Love
  • Brian Protheroe – Pinball (from Guilty Pleasures)
  • Giorgio Moroder – Utopia
  • The Clash – Lost in the Supermarket
  • Max Richter – On The Nature Of Daylight
  • Ceephax – Moor (from Exidy Tours)
  • London Elektricity – Rewind
  • Weird Al – You’re Pitiful


  1. February 22

    Well, I’m sorry to hear that I’m dead but I love “Bootlegs Are Dead.” Is it available anywhere? I didn’t see it on his site.

  2. February 22

    He never released it, it was posted on GYBO in the December Bootie thread though?

  3. February 22

    bootlegs are dead?

    oh good, we’ll just stick to mashes n remixes.

    Go TimeZup, thx BC, go BnR!

    peas n happy febs,

  4. February 22

    PS. thanx BC for being BC… thanx T-BC for same!


  5. February 22

    What was the opening track before the title music? Sounds like it was mixed in with the Halo theme or Battlefield 2 or something.

  6. February 22

    it’s by Martinn – sorry missed it off the listing when I was copying it over. It’s the FACT anti-piracy music I think from DVDs!

  7. February 22

    Really? The orchestral bit? I doubt I’d recognise it if it was that – my hacked XBox lets me skip all that bollocks (on the rare occasion I’m actually watching a legit DVD 😛 ).

  8. February 22

    Oh wait – it’s the Pirates Of The Caribbean theme, isn’t it?


  9. Pete
    February 22

    Thanks for the play and the shout. That Billie Jungle is such a great tune.
    Top show as always. See you March 10th.


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