Radio Clash 109: A Sense of Lack of Return

This is the supposed to be live show #2 from over 2 weeks ago, where instead I raged about bears in bars and played loads of great new and old music, and even go all orchestral in the end – am I turning classical all of a sudden?

A Slight Return:

  • Celebrity Murder Party – Nu Rave On (12″ mix)
  • Public Enemy – Don’t Believe the Hype (from A Nation of Millions…)
  • Lupe Fiasco – Real (from Food and Liquor)
  • Bis – Hurt
  • Soft Pink Truth – Do They Owe Us a Living?
  • Dead Milkmen – Life is Shit
  • Lupe the Gorilla – Heat under the Babyseat (from Rhyming Ape mixtape)
  • El Barto & Liam B – Toxygene
  • DJMoule – Tribute to James
  • Devine and Statton – Bizarre Love Triangle
  • The Raincoats – Only Loved at Night
  • Soundhog – Shansun (from historia de la musica rock)
  • Giorgio Moroder – Tears
  • Phillip Glass – Facades
  • Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Numbers 1-4
  • Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – The Kiss


  1. Pete
    March 7

    I’ll probably play 1 Lupe track. but it’ll be when hardly any one is there. Is there a bad track on that album. I’so good.
    And great to hear Penguin Cafe and Phillip Glass – love ’em.


  2. March 15

    Keep it up with the alt-classical. Always been a fan, have quite a bit of that kinda tuneage actually…

  3. Chris Knight
    March 26

    Love your podcast, listen to it with regularity, and loved your comments on Gilbert & George. I’ve been learning up on contemporary art and their name has popped up in various forms. I’m curious what your opinion is of Felix Gonzalez-Torres? I’ve never really clicked on Gilbert & George, but I do find them amusing and entirely over-the-top. I’ve liked Gonzalez-Torres’ work for a while but one piece in particular touched me on a day when my cat was on her death bed (unbeknownst to me the significance of her condition until the evening of her death.)

    Oh, and while I enjoy all of your shows, I am particularly tickled by 107 (Disturbed Listening Hour). I can certainly suggest truly unlistenable, but interesting, material. Drop me a line if interested. And keep up the awesome podcast, thanks!

  4. March 27

    I remember him, iw as studying art at the time, and although the name didn’t ring a bell I always thought the billboard with the empty bed was a good piece, very resonant. Reminds me of Ghost by Rachel Whiteread, that I saw various related bits of live, or Tracey Emin’s bed which was a let down.

    I was more into Serrano and Mapplethorpe at the time, but he’d usually come up in relation to them (kind of like the artworld being mother and saying ‘Why can’t you be like that nice boy Felix?’ ;-).Reminds me of some of Seranno’s video work though, those empty pictures/piles.

    And I’m always up for more disturbing music!

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