Radio Clash 38: Difficult 38th

It’s like totally random; remembering Myron and Jean Charles, a difficult birth and the Big MASSIVE Podcast Promo Jumble Sale, everyfin’ fer a pahnd!

Please listen here: (52:08 / 30Mb)


Myron Floren tribute:

  • Those Darn Accordians – We’re an Accordian Band (from musicformaniacs blog) add their site
  • DJNoNo – Just Lose the Accordian (Myron Floren vs Eminem)
  • Earthsplitters – AIYH
  • Haywains – Money-go-round
  • Listener response – Steve from York
  • Steven Ward – My Generation

Big Podcast Roundup Bargain Jumble Sale:


  1. Seth
    July 27


    thx for playing the promo and the kind words.
    we are loving Radioclash…great stuff!

    we will give you another mention as we have a lot more listeners from iTunes,
    but get this we have over three times the amount of downloads, but less that
    half of the webpage serves. I tell you iTunes is changing podcasting
    for the worse in many ways.

    anyway, later, gator

  2. July 27

    Okay this is weird. After attempting to get your podcast, both via iPodder and in clicking on the link, I’m getting a “Not Found” message as follows:

    Not Found
    The requested URL /go.php was not found on this server.

    Apache/1.3.33 Server at Port 80

    Server problems????

  3. July 27

    no I got hacked 🙁

    And the buggers deleted everything in the root – of this domain which wasn’t much actually, but took the PHP redirect & counter out.

    Anyone know any PHP security whizzes? I think it was a worm and they used an exploit to wipe the root, because nothing else was affected – oh apart from .htaccess. Of course passwords are all changed and everythign backed up!

    Should be back now BTW – but means noone had access to any of these shows since 8pm yesterday 🙁

  4. July 27

    No worries – Odeo has all your shows, and I just listened to the most recent ego-testicle one. 🙂
    Odeo is a good redirect for your listeners in the meantime. I accessed your page without incident.

    In the meantime I’ll see if I can’t dig up a PHP whiz from somewhere. If I find someone, I’ll send ’em
    your way!

  5. Earthsplitters
    March 10

    woah! you played AIYH!? madness!

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