Accordions + Disco + Rap = WIN

pinky ring disco polka

Proud to say there are not one but TWO Disco Accordion bootlegs in the world – after the first DJNoNo’s Just Lose the Accordions with Eminem from many years back (with a little bit of Myron’s Circus Polka too), there is Pomdeter’s Pinky Ring Disco Polka which puts the Myron Floren cheesetastic Disco Polka classic with Wu-Tang’s ‘Pinky Ring’ – yay MOAR ACCORDIONZ! More the merrier I say…I’d suggest a Polka album but I’m not good at organising those and anyway Polka even in Disco form, is marmite dancefloor death 😉 And like ‘Just Lose the Accordions’ before it, it’s being played on Pennsylvania Polka Radio – how many people can say they’ve done that? Huh? 😀

Pomdeter is well worth checking out, as well as organising ’72’ and creating some interesting mashups he’s obviously got a love of accordions which is alright with DJNoNo ;-D And any friend of DJNoNo is a friend of mine *call the therapist, nurse!*

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