Radio Clash 24: Tired, Screaming and Promotional

Red, Red Wiiiiiine….!

Listen here (28Mb, 49 mins)

  • team 9 – screaming pro (Beck vs MJ & JJ)
  • DJTripp – We Will Rock Beverly Hills (Weezer vs Queen vs Joan Jett)

‘Scream if you want to go Faster’ Warped mix

  • Lance Lockarm – Shotlicker (Missy vs Aphex)
  • tasty plastic – red hot milkshake (Squarepusher vs Kelis)
  • Poj Masta – Seriously Slow (Four Tet vs Kylie)
  • Audiophile – Flex Out With Rakimou (Crass Reality Version) (Plaid vs Squarepusher vs Crass)
  • Frenchbloke – Your Velvet Heaven (Depeche Mode vs Boards of Canada)
  • Alex C – Music Has the Right to Know My Name (Alicia Keys vs BOC)
  • Mixomatosis – Music is Rosy (Outkast vs BOC)
  • Pheugoo – Last Dance With J-Lo (Tom Petty vs J-Lo)
  • Possibility Paralysis
  • Goudron – Tired

Relatio Clash


  1. April 26

    Techno-Fado… that is an awesome term! I mean.. in my world it is. Run with it.. you’re be world-famous.. if you aren’t already.
    I tend to blame money for the fact that I don’t take advantage of what the city has to offer. If its free.. well.. then sometimes I go.
    Anyway, great show Tim… and umm… Happy Late birthday my friend.

  2. Fin
    April 27

    Yet another brilliant show.

    I have to think about where I’m going to listen to it to get the most out of it because it’s such a podcasting treat!

  3. Fin
    April 27

    Oh and I really can understand how you feel about the design thing. Excessive flash aint that good, anyways πŸ™‚

  4. April 30

    Excellent show.

    Kona, Hawaii

  5. CInci Sean
    April 30

    Another fantastic show. I’ve been hooked since “Killing me Bombastic”. Keep up the great work.

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