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November 29 /

Image: Scary eyes by batterypower – CC

Radio Clash is 6 years old! Come join with us in a Top of the Spods type show where I list my top 5 tracks featured on previous Radio Clash shows from each year back to 2004 (with added Bear of Little Brain presenting!).

Yes it’s a Best of show *ducks*, yes it’s the laziest format around but it was the best I could come up with this year so bite me ๐Ÿ˜› Some good music on it though.

But now I am six, I’m as clever as clever. So I think I’ll be six now and forever. (122mins, 117Mb)



  • world’s end girlfriend “Les Enfants du Paradis – RC #194 (Bikes Bears & Beatifications)
  • Therapy? โ€“ Opal Mantra – RC #184 (Quiet Storm)
  • Yeasayer โ€“ I Remember – RC #189 (Shuffle Little Children feat DJ Charles IV)


  • Brenda Fassie โ€“ Vulindela – RC #183 (Take Me Back to Africa)
  • The Orb โ€“ Let the Music Set You Free – RC #177 (Winter of Discontent v2.0 (part 2))
  • Hijack โ€“ Doomsday Of Rap – RC #179 (UK Hiphop show with Ian Fondue)


  • 113 et magic system โ€“ Un gaou a Oran – RC #171 (Around the World in 808s )
  • Soyuzmultfilm โ€“ Chunga Changa – RC #166 (Say You What?)
  • Freerange Meatraiser โ€“ MUPPAGE! – RC #163 (After Party)


  • The Clash โ€“ This is Radio Clash (Dunproofinโ€˜ Mix ) – RC #143 (Punk Rock War Lord Strummer show)
  • Ministry โ€“ Tv Ii – RC #131 (Canโ€™t Stop the Pop!!!!)


  • Supercollider ft Octofish โ€“ Black Metal Tarantula – RC #64 (When Iโ€™m 64 I want an Anal Staircase)
  • Stark Effect โ€“ Bunnyrabbits, Satan Milk and Cheese – RC #82/61 (Boot 2 The Old Skool Pt. 2 / International Cheese Baby Day!)
  • The Beat โ€“ Mirror in the Bathroom (DnB – DJC) – RC #100 (Unofficial Pirated Birthday Show)


  • DJ Phrenzy โ€“ Evol intent vs Beach Boys – RC #32 (Beach Clash Mash Bash!)
  • DJN0N0 โ€“ Supercalibreakz – RC #52 (Bastard Cherry / DJN0n0 ego edition)
  • Whoevermen aka Who Boys โ€“ David Gedgeโ€™s Cock – RC #43 (Pirates Ahoy! – Pilchard barge @ Reading)


  • RIAA โ€“ Joy of Noise – RC #1
  • Faither of E-Jitz โ€“ 50 Bluebells – RC #3
  • Lumpy โ€“ No Good (Start the Raam) – RC #2

Here are the Top 5s for each year:

February 26 /

A bumper show of 3 months worth of delayed music. Twas the storm’s fault, you see. A quiet storm…one you could hardly hear, but yet so loud. A few minutes ago every tree was excited, bowing to the roaring storm,…