Tag: We Call It Acieed

December 5 /

Last Brexit, I Gave You My Vote, And The Very Next Day, You Threw It Away… Don’t worry there’s no Last Christmas in the latest Radio Clash – I’m playing Whamageddon too, but in the UK it’s more Gammonweddon, a…

November 30 /

Nearly topping the charts just over 30 years ago, We Call It Acieed – the cry of Gary Haisman who also rapped on this seminal UK Acid House single – as much as D-Mob later disowned it. Also promoter, style…

January 18 /

Needed cheering up, and this cute acoustic cover of We Call It Acieed by D-Mob featuring Gary Haisman did the trick. So sweet when she does the ‘Psycho Attack!’ parts. (via Jez Biggs)