Pharrell Happy Get Lucky mashup by Pomplamoose (?)

I’m 50/50 about this video whether I like it or not. The video is a great example of how you do 3D projection mapping, and even explains it (friends of mine do this on a BIG scale, not with little models), and is very clever.

On the other hand the music: I do wonder where the mashup was stolen from? Their last viral success using Lorde vs Beck was lifted almost wholesale from DJ Tripp (yes that man again!). Note the date. They added some California Love, switched in another rap, but same dealio – and the original mashup was better IMO. Wonder if they’ll do a Copydonna and say they’d never heard it…even though Bootie posted it in their Best of 2013 and thus it was all over the Internets?

Whereas here they (or someone else?) have definitely improved Pharrell, who as other have pointed out must be a vampire. Who obviously gets out at night to ‘get lucky’. Watch out, kids!

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