Free shit pt 2: Legowelt free album

Harking back to u-ziq and early Aphex there’s a really early 90’s Warp – (or more accurately Cybotron 80’s Detroit which inspired them) feel to Legowelt’s free album THE TEAC LIFE available over at his site. It’s not only a progression from his previous 8-bit stylings, it also seems very current as we’re LONG due an early 90’s revival and all those hyperbuzzy electro-house trance Guetta hits are starting to get a little wearing, so some calming minimal O.G. Detroit action is very welcome (and fits quite nicely into chillwave and more experimental dance currently out there, like Oneohtrix Point Never).

And if you like it, throw him a few pennies or pounds to his Paypal – cos Legowelt’s always kept it DIY or DIE, so respect.

Relatio Clash

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