Boot in 60 seconds…only 5 years late?

Boot in 60 Seconds cover

30 *cough* bootleggers, 60 seconds(ish) each…gentlemen(and women!) start your engines! The idea was one of musical consequences, the next person remixes the previous track, and no-one gets to hear the whole (til now!).

Brought to you by Just very, very slowly…

This was a total nightmare and car-crash of a project – was supposed to be 60 bootleggers, got abandoned because people disappeared for weeks/months/years, restarted, abandoned again (same reason), partly finished, abandoned cos it was all in different bpms and I only knew Acid at the time…forward to last year and I learned Ableton which meant I could sort of get them together, and most recently a harddrive checkdisk error has eaten the Ableton files and renamed them all, so this is actually a slightly unfinished but will have to be finished now rough demo…still some rather evil speed up and slow down sections which are in the bootleg sections themselves and I can’t do much about those.

A history lesson really…yup don’t start these things!

Still thanks to all that did a section, some really nice bits in here, and should really been called Alias in 60 Seconds, given the various Pseudonyms on here 😉

Boot in 60 Seconds (30Mb, 36mins)

And exclusive! I’ve found the special 5-song excerpt I made for Bootie – this was played when I played at Bootie when I first DJ’d in 2004 – it goes from #18 ‘Florence is a Tranny’ to #23 ‘Sweet Disco Substance’. This sounds different and is mixed differently to the whole mix as it’s done in Sony’s ACID, it was one of the few consistent tempo bits I could actually produce pre-Ableton!

Boot in 60 intro

1. DJ Murder – Just a Minute (Missy Eliott vs LibertyX)
2. Ujanika Bolokov – 1 minute (Cut Copy vs Missy Eliott vs Beatles)
3. JoolsMF – (Cut Copy vs Break Machine vs Madonna)
4. Dr Helix(Break Machine vs ?)
5. DJ Dee Double You Eye – Rock & Roll Oochie Coo (Rick Derringer vs Nas feat. the Bravehearts vs James Brown)
6. andrewherring – Milk Flower (Kelis vs Baby Ford)
7. xii – in da sixty (Phoenix vs Jurassic 5 vs Blondie)
8. Freed – H! Vltg3 (Dnzh*ll m!ks) (Blondie vs Linkin Park vs Thunda Clap Riddim vs MC5)
9. – robot gets jiggy jiggy (Thunda Clap Riddim vs Cylob vs Tone Loc)
10. Miss Frenchie – Jurassic Beats (Cylob vs Chemical Brothers vs Jurassic 5)
11. Faultside – One Minute Street Spirit (Chemical Brothers vs Radiohead vs CIV)
12. Brower – On your little wing (Jimi Hendrix vs Erykah Badu)
13. Lenlow – Magic Derelicts (Barry White vs Digable Planets vs Grover Washington Jr. vs 3rd Bass)
14. blo_up – les problemes des mon amour (Kelis vs Alexander Robotnick)
15. br0dy – the joy of resolution (Mark Ryder vs Timbaland & Aaliyah)
16. ,eval – Sueno Satellite (Mark Ryder vs Sleeper vs Pharrell vs Sueno Latino vs Blue)
17. fettdog – Who Crushed George (REM vs ?)
18. Digital Minger – Life in a Windmill (Dr Alban vs MC Miker G & DJ Sven vs Ascii Disko)
19. DJ Andy Crane – Florence is a Tranny (Garbage vs Ascii Disko vs Theme to the Magic Roundabout)
20. woei – Fuck me on the shiny list (Hansome T vs disco d feat princess superstar vs Who Da Funk)
21. DJ DeNeo – Bootlegger’s Song (Justin Timberlake vs D12 vs Blur vs Kelis vs Kylie vs Usher vs NERD)
22. Filthy McNasty – Song2 Divided By Zero (My Robot Friend vs Pet Shop Boys vs Blur)
23. Churchill – Sweet Disco Substance (Eurythmics vs Dot Allison vs Mirwais)
24. DJ Earworm – Destiny’s Bastard Child (Destiny’s Child)
25. fettdog – Dr Slowgood (Run DMC vs Kylie vs ?)
26. RikkiRok – Yeah Run Close to me (The Cure vs Run DMC vs Usher)
27. Dissico – So good (Prodigy vs So Solid Crew)
28. ThriftshopXL – It’s A Hella Good Fatherfucking Wonderful Life (So Solid vs Michael Jackson vs Peaches vs Black vs No Doubt)
29. Mixomatosis – Freaky Sandwiches (LFO vs Chemical Brothers vs Detroit Grand Pubahs)
30. DJNoNo – Imperial Nanny (Julie Andrews vs John Williams)

Car crash ending

P.S. You might recognise #3 – yes Jools did it for this project, but asked me if he could release it and I said yes…good thing too, LOL.

P.P.S. #17 is that distorted on the version submitted, isn’t it Rich? 😛 Fettdog was supposed to be finding a non-distorted version…a year ago? 😀

Songs with ? I wasn’t emailed the tracklist nor parts and thus cannot work out now what they were. Song ID anyone?


  1. 231
    March 16

    wow its finaly done.. bravo.. was always waiting on this

  2. March 16

    Thanks. Always a treat to find quality audio for free online.

  3. Josh Console
    March 27

    jokes, finger on the pulse 😀

    • Long time…but finally made it! LOL

      Seem to have inspired another one. Where will it end?

  4. Cool! Just read about this yesterday (26th June 2009) in the Film & Music section of the Guardian – I’d completely forgotten about this.

    Sounds Great!



    • June 27

      Thanks – glad you like it! Congrats on Lilyest Hobo btw, well deserved.

  5. Woei
    January 8

    Haha, never thought this would be published..

    Just remembered that I participated in this and went to look for it. Nice job!

    Listening to it now.. haha, great variety of styles!


    • January 10

      Thanks for dropping by – long time no see! 😀

      Check out 72 project for what it inspired…they’re on their 3rd iteration atm.

  6. June 10

    Wow, I have literally only just seen this online! good work Tim, hope life is treating you well!:-)

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