Boot in 60 seconds…only 5 years late?

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30 *cough* bootleggers, 60 seconds(ish) each…gentlemen(and women!) start your engines! The idea was one of musical consequences, the next person remixes the previous track, and no-one gets to hear the whole (til now!).

Brought to you by Just very, very slowly…

This was a total nightmare and car-crash of a project – was supposed to be 60 bootleggers, got abandoned because people disappeared for weeks/months/years, restarted, abandoned again (same reason), partly finished, abandoned cos it was all in different bpms and I only knew Acid at the time…forward to last year and I learned Ableton which meant I could sort of get them together, and most recently a harddrive checkdisk error has eaten the Ableton files and renamed them all, so this is actually a slightly unfinished but will have to be finished now rough demo…still some rather evil speed up and slow down sections which are in the bootleg sections themselves and I can’t do much about those.

A history lesson really…yup don’t start these things!

Still thanks to all that did a section, some really nice bits in here, and should really been called Alias in 60 Seconds, given the various Pseudonyms on here 😉

Boot in 60 Seconds (30Mb, 36mins)

And exclusive! I’ve found the special 5-song excerpt I made for Bootie – this was played when I played at Bootie when I first DJ’d in 2004 – it goes from #18 ‘Florence is a Tranny’ to #23 ‘Sweet Disco Substance’. This sounds different and is mixed differently to the whole mix as it’s done in Sony’s ACID, it was one of the few consistent tempo bits I could actually produce pre-Ableton!

Boot in 60 intro

1. DJ Murder – Just a Minute (Missy Eliott vs LibertyX)
2. Ujanika Bolokov – 1 minute (Cut Copy vs Missy Eliott vs Beatles)
3. JoolsMF – (Cut Copy vs Break Machine vs Madonna)
4. Dr Helix(Break Machine vs ?)
5. DJ Dee Double You Eye – Rock & Roll Oochie Coo (Rick Derringer vs Nas feat. the Bravehearts vs James Brown)
6. andrewherring – Milk Flower (Kelis vs Baby Ford)
7. xii – in da sixty (Phoenix vs Jurassic 5 vs Blondie)
8. Freed – H! Vltg3 (Dnzh*ll m!ks) (Blondie vs Linkin Park vs Thunda Clap Riddim vs MC5)
9. – robot gets jiggy jiggy (Thunda Clap Riddim vs Cylob vs Tone Loc)
10. Miss Frenchie – Jurassic Beats (Cylob vs Chemical Brothers vs Jurassic 5)
11. Faultside – One Minute Street Spirit (Chemical Brothers vs Radiohead vs CIV)
12. Brower – On your little wing (Jimi Hendrix vs Erykah Badu)
13. Lenlow – Magic Derelicts (Barry White vs Digable Planets vs Grover Washington Jr. vs 3rd Bass)
14. blo_up – les problemes des mon amour (Kelis vs Alexander Robotnick)
15. br0dy – the joy of resolution (Mark Ryder vs Timbaland & Aaliyah)
16. ,eval – Sueno Satellite (Mark Ryder vs Sleeper vs Pharrell vs Sueno Latino vs Blue)
17. fettdog – Who Crushed George (REM vs ?)
18. Digital Minger – Life in a Windmill (Dr Alban vs MC Miker G & DJ Sven vs Ascii Disko)
19. DJ Andy Crane – Florence is a Tranny (Garbage vs Ascii Disko vs Theme to the Magic Roundabout)
20. woei – Fuck me on the shiny list (Hansome T vs disco d feat princess superstar vs Who Da Funk)
21. DJ DeNeo – Bootlegger’s Song (Justin Timberlake vs D12 vs Blur vs Kelis vs Kylie vs Usher vs NERD)
22. Filthy McNasty – Song2 Divided By Zero (My Robot Friend vs Pet Shop Boys vs Blur)
23. Churchill – Sweet Disco Substance (Eurythmics vs Dot Allison vs Mirwais)
24. DJ Earworm – Destiny’s Bastard Child (Destiny’s Child)
25. fettdog – Dr Slowgood (Run DMC vs Kylie vs ?)
26. RikkiRok – Yeah Run Close to me (The Cure vs Run DMC vs Usher)
27. Dissico – So good (Prodigy vs So Solid Crew)
28. ThriftshopXL – It’s A Hella Good Fatherfucking Wonderful Life (So Solid vs Michael Jackson vs Peaches vs Black vs No Doubt)
29. Mixomatosis – Freaky Sandwiches (LFO vs Chemical Brothers vs Detroit Grand Pubahs)
30. DJNoNo – Imperial Nanny (Julie Andrews vs John Williams)

Car crash ending

P.S. You might recognise #3 – yes Jools did it for this project, but asked me if he could release it and I said yes…good thing too, LOL.

P.P.S. #17 is that distorted on the version submitted, isn’t it Rich? 😛 Fettdog was supposed to be finding a non-distorted version…a year ago? 😀

Songs with ? I wasn’t emailed the tracklist nor parts and thus cannot work out now what they were. Song ID anyone?

Relatio Clash

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  1. 231
    March 16

    wow its finaly done.. bravo.. was always waiting on this

  2. March 16

    Thanks. Always a treat to find quality audio for free online.

  3. Josh Console
    March 27

    jokes, finger on the pulse 😀

    • Long time…but finally made it! LOL

      Seem to have inspired another one. Where will it end?

  4. Cool! Just read about this yesterday (26th June 2009) in the Film & Music section of the Guardian – I’d completely forgotten about this.

    Sounds Great!



    • June 27

      Thanks – glad you like it! Congrats on Lilyest Hobo btw, well deserved.

  5. Woei
    January 8

    Haha, never thought this would be published..

    Just remembered that I participated in this and went to look for it. Nice job!

    Listening to it now.. haha, great variety of styles!


    • January 10

      Thanks for dropping by – long time no see! 😀

      Check out 72 project for what it inspired…they’re on their 3rd iteration atm.

  6. June 10

    Wow, I have literally only just seen this online! good work Tim, hope life is treating you well!:-)

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