RC 139: riversongs 1 – dark water

A journey down the river, past the dark black lakes and hollow wells towards the sea…(part one)

  • Al Green – Take me to the River
  • Super Furry Animals – Down a Different River (from Radiator)
  • Antony and the Johnsons – The Lake (from The Golden Apples of the Sun)
  • Smog – The Well (from A River Ain’t Too Much to Love)
  • Beatbox Saboteurs – Moon River
  • Perrey & Kingsley – Moon River
  • The Futureheads – Danger of the Water
  • Kate Bush – The Fog (from The Sensual World)
  • Wax Audio – Dissolved by the Water All These Years
  • ? – Cry me a River
  • Pulp – Wickerman (from We Love Life)


  1. Dave
    November 19

    Just for the record, I love the show but I hate Pulp, and Jarvis Cocker. I know this loses me several brownie points, but there y’go.

  2. DJ Knight
    November 20

    I dunno, Pulp is ok/pretty good, I can see the appeal but I’ve never been ecstatic over folksy music. And thanks for playing Super Furry Animals, is that indicative of their work? Seemed alot like Pink Floyd, in a good way. I might have to add them to the “buy” list.

    An overall downbeat, offbeat podcast…Must be the winter weather, or the holidays?

    Oh, and Tim, thanks for the secret mashup album. I used a combination of the clues from the podcast and some brute-force browsing to figure it out; a little easy for me but I’m a long-time gamer (board, card, roleplaying, computer.)

  3. November 20

    Yeah we didn’t make it too hard, we wanted it possible you could stumble along the clues – cos even with that people have found it hard!

  4. November 20

    Kate Bush is almost personal music, sometimes not to share, I’ve found this especially with Hounds of Love’s second side – the Ninth Wave.

  5. November 20

    Funny you mentioned that, I was planning to include the Tennyson quote with the second part 😀

  6. Timsdad
    November 23

    Hi Tim

    I’m pretty sure the “Cry me a river” is Ella Fitzgerald. I actually have the original Julie London track on ancient vinyl at home, but its not that one

  7. November 23

    Yeah I know it’s not Julie London – sounds like Ella…definitely not Nina Simone though!

    I thought of you when I played it 😉

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