Radio Clash featured on the BBC!

At last my life-long dream to be on the Beeb is fulfilled! Well on the BBC website anyway…Latest BBC Collective article features Radio Clash as one of their favourites, along with my favourites also Podcheck and WFMU.

EDIT: oops it’s Podshow (not one of my faves), not Podcheck. It’s still my favourite tho. So there. Go visit it. NOW. And make it more popular than that stoopid PodShit or whatever it’s called.

Relatio Clash


  1. Ross
    August 13

    Next stop…

    “World Domination!”

  2. August 13

    Yeah baby! First stop, the BBC website. Next stop, who knows? Congrats!!!!!

  3. BLUE
    August 16

    Woot! Congratz!

  4. Scott Fletcher- Podcheck
    August 17

    Tim, it looks like they mention Podshow’s PodFinder, not the PodCheck Weekly Review. Thanks for your vote of confidence (and the link) anyway!

  5. August 17

    oops must be my old age and all these Podthis and Podthat copying you!

    Edited with BIGGER PLUG, and 20% more Adam Curry dig. Happy? 😀

  6. August 30

    Viva le Beeb, i miss Sir Peel so much already.

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