YTP It’s All Right Here At Your Fingertits

A very rude YouTube Poop editing that old Internet VHS guide that was posted a while back. Love the Internet Dream Sequence bit…Internet….internet….

Ban Drag Queens From Facebook!

And their Native American friends too! Just no! LOL. I suspect that the current purge of …bear names could be cross-fire from the person who has been reporting 100s of people at once, and started this whole thing…seems the search for ‘bear’ was the recent one. Really Farcebook, you need to get your reporting shit sorted, because it seems homo- and transphobes are having a field day…as well as possibly racists and the rest of their bitter trollkind.

Space Lady Live

I missed that Radio Clash fave Space Lady aka Susan Dietrich was touring earlier in the year, and even came to the UK! Drat! Here’s the cover that made her famous, stealing Major Tom from Peter Schilling, live busking in 2013.

In fact Night School have released a Greatest Hits last year? Last to know, as usual! I’ve just ordered the 2CD version because I <3 Space Lady so much.


Not the Douglas Adams one, but very appropriate animation by LISAA as I’m reading ‘Dimensions of Miracles’ by Robert Sheckley at the moment, which shares a lot with Hitchhiker’s Guide, although not the ‘complete rip off’ that some catfishy Amazon reviewers contend, and Douglas said he hadn’t read it anyway… (via Counter Sparkle)