DJ Pierre

I’ve been avoiding Boiler Room videos even though it started here, mostly because of the twazzocks dancing behind them, the beautiful, young, weak, witless, ‘look at me’ hipsters in neon and conspicuous labels who seem less interested in the amazing music than posing for the camera.

But they do have ace DJs, and I cracked when I saw DJ Pierre had done a set in Amsterdam for them…and it’s ace. Check it out above, a master lesson in DJing and using FX and EQ, not too much, not too little, doesn’t get in the way. I’ve bought two of the tunes dropped in this set already and really want to find out the one 30 mins in after the Tiga/Audio Let’s Go Dancing (Adam Beyer remix) – you know the dirty acid one that goes ‘drinking…dancing…holding…feeling’?

Then check out him rocking somebody’s kitchen in LA (the earlier venue got shut down by the police!). Funny thing is the initial confused looks in both sets when he drops wonderful curveballs like the Piano version of Acid Over, or the Al Green remix, or the Never Get Old diva vocals in the ADE set or properly drops it all then builds slowly (that rarely happens nowadays – silence is such a no-no)…Acid and house weren’t just a bunch of squelches or four to floor you know, it had soul, it had pianos, it had diva vocals, it was eclectic. Ron Hardy for instance would play anything if it got the floor going, regardless of genre…and DJs back then would cut it all out and build on a high-pitched synth or string section with no beats for ages and the crowd would go crazy anticipating the beat to kick in – something I think has been lost in this ADHD culture.

P.S. who invited one half of Raw Sex, Roland Rivron at 1:03 ;-) At least he is dancing like a loon, unlike the too-self concious others…

Steve Albini faces up to the music industry (again)

Great if long video / transcript of Steve Albini’s speech at Face The Music in Melbourne which echoes his classic ‘The Problem With Music’ from 21 years ago. Although I’d not describe Prince’s music as ‘poison’ I do think the purple dwarf’s attitude to the internet is poisonous, and all the people who try and control digital media and how music is heard today. Total control is not only unwise, it strangles any new or transformative uses of music, and actually silences music from being part of culture, like the background of a YouTube video, or orphaned 78s and dusty 45s being lost because no-one can find the original owners.

As he said: “Inside that trite sentence, ‘We need to figure out how to make this work for everyone,’ hides the skeleton of a monster” – you hear a lot of defences like this, and he’s right to tear that apart, because what it means is that those who grew fat off the bands and artists while they starved, the ones who brought guns and heavies to deal with bootleggers and contract deals, the ones who strung out the musicians on drugs to make them easier to control or get their money stream, the ones who gouged fans with CDs…the list is endless.

That system can burn for all I care – music, the listeners and those who create it will be fine, even if it goes back to live music only, that would be better than the last 90 years which have been a bit of a cul-de-sac in the thousands of years in history of music where music was always live.

Bears Have Claws

If I was a wanky music reviewer (call me! good rates! :-P) I’d say the 2 Bears have claws with this album, whereas the first one was just about having a good time (Bearhug) this is about the down side, the come down, getting your own back. Not deciphered the spoken lyrics to Get Out which I’ve already played on the podcast but there is some bitching about ‘Your Clarkson-admiring, your endless deep house…your snivelling and whining…’. Ooh, burn. It’s a very drag album, with the bittersweet themes and that spoken word sample on the first track ‘Child! Wha’ happened?’ spoken like a true house mother! Working out to be one of my favourite albums of the year, where other ones have waxed and waned (Hercules & Love Affair, Wild Beasts, Juan Maclean to name just three on the ‘good tracks but overall meh album’ pile)

So of course I love this video for Not This Time, I’ve been there I think (Bethnal Green Working Mens Club) but also reminds me of their Glasto performance with some of the same alternate drag / performance artistes.

And yes they are fully aware of the other meaning of bears, before you ask.

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