Fiorucci made me Hardcore

I heard the new Jamie XX single (well new-ish) All Under One Roof Raving on 6Music and loved it, as someone who was there in the wings listening in, hardcore and rave will never die. And yes we kept it UK ;-)

I then found out it was sampling this video by artist Mark Leckey from 1999 on British Youth Culture, from Northern Soul, Disco to Rave and Hardcore.

Well worth watching, it’s a poignant journey through history, nostalgia and transient nature of night-life and ‘good times’ – and also I suspect inspired a lot of those ‘chillwave’ videos.

And here’s the Jamie XX new one:

Just waiting for Zomby to claim to Jamie XX that it’s his culture alone, like he did with Four Tet, even though he was so young then I doubt he could reach the dial, unlike those of us who were old enough to actually listen to London Pirates like KoolFM in the early 90’s. Aww, bless.


Walking The Wrong Way

A new year, a new blog it seems! I’ve always intended to do a blog about my photographic walks cum art project, and planned to end of last season. So before I start this one, here’s Walking The Wrong Way.

It’s got photographs! Maps, tracks and geolocation! Gizmos! Search by location! Tweets! My silly rambling – of both sorts! etc. I promise you, no Kendal Mint Cake, cagoules, Thermos flasks or 6am cold showers though.

There’s only 3 walks there at the moment, but as I’ve been doing the Thames ones since 1999 and the coastal ones since 2010 or 2011 or so, there are plenty from the archive to add…and of course as the weather has improved, the new ones. Planning to send the odd mobile blog during the walks too.

And yes, I do intend to walk around the UK along the Coastal path. Very. slowly. I’ve already done much of the Thames…(Henley on Thames > Cliffe) and Teynsham > Shoreham and quite a few bits beyond that (around Burnham, Lulworth and Bournemouth area for instance) need linking up along the coast.

EDIT: Just thought some of you who’ve never been to the UK or France. might not get what the brown logo means. Well this is what a Brown Sign is.

2013 Greenhithe - Swanscombe_20130728__DSC6259

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