Ten Long Years – The end of Radio Clash Podcast

“Ten years…you reap just what you sow…
Another one bites the dust!”

Yes Radio Clash (the podcast) is 10 years old today!

But sadly it’s also the end of Radio Clash as a podcast, the one I recorded last week (#271) was the last. So yes it’s more like a wake than a party…but I think it’s time, I’ve done everything I wanted to do with the podcast. I hate ‘podfading’, where podcasts just fizzle out, so I decided a long time ago that when the podcast reached 10 that would be it. (To be honest even this post seems self-indulgent, as did the last podcast – does anyone really care? I do feel the need to announce this though, to make it a public break, for me.)

I’m really proud of what I’ve done with Radio Clash – not sure many will mourn it but it’s was one of, if not the longest running British music podcasts. I was kind of last man standing for a long time there, and that again that made it hard to stop, over the last 5 years I’ve regularly fallen in and out of love of podcasting…but recently I didn’t feel it anymore. The downloads have been going down steadily, and my heart hasn’t been in it for a long time. #178 – the last Tim and Kirk show contains many coded references to stopping, since I was planning to do this five years ago! And the Pop is Dead shows were planned as a last hurrah – as they have been, but it was two years ago that series started. So this isn’t a sudden decision.

When I’ve said this to a few people they ask: what next? I have completely no idea. That’s kind of the point, I feel I can’t really move on while still doing these. Surprised I kept on for ten years, actually…I think I wanted to show people I could stick to something for a long time, that podcasting wasn’t a passing fad. I’ve made my point.

And despite my couching on the podcast, pretty sure that will be it for Radio Clash in the long run. I might podcast in other forms, after a long gap (a holiday after continuously podcasting for ten years sounds WONDERFUL) but not as Radio Clash, and very likely not in that format. Never been that comfortable on the mic, to be honest. I hate saying ‘never…’ but I’m fairly sure on this. So don’t unsubscribe just yet…

The blog will continue (as will my other blogs) and maybe I might do more Digital Debris in future…that’s something I haven’t really developed. Not sure what the future of Radio Clash Live is tbh.

All Radio Clash shows are on Mixcloud

As a mammoth task (or is that tusk) I’ve now uploaded all Radio Clash shows to Mixcloud, just in time for the 10th anniversary tomorrow. That’s 427 hours, 21 minutes and 29 seconds of music, chat, bad mixing, interviews and silliness! That’s 17.7 days. And it will be 5 seconds shy off 430 hours when #271 goes live – 429:59:55!

So since the last Mixcloud update, (upto #75) we have had many firsts:

The Ivor Cutler show, which listening back I’m still really proud of. I think this was the first Radio Clash about one artist.

The first year show, with endless lists with Kirk:

The first show about John Peel – there was at least one other, #195’s Keep It Peel – but many other nods to the great man over the last 10 years.

The 3rd time I travelled while podcasting was a 3 parter to US and Canada – I’ll always remember podcasting in a field on a farm Canada as the sun set:

The first Aural pOddities show, recently upto #5:

The first outside show, the first travel show recorded on my old iRiver, appropriately with long time supported of the show, Bicyclemark:

The infamous #18 DJNoNo mix show, the first appearance of that irrasciable robot behind the decks. Very silly mashups, and actually still very good, if I say myself:

The first Tim And Kirk Show – we also had the first ever podcast on psychedelic ‘magic’ mushrooms, which were then legal (I suspect first in the world!). It’s not as exciting as it sounds, though.

And the first Radio Clash, tie-clip mic taped to a tripod stand, and all!

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