Stylo G – Badd

On the second hearing via David Rodigan’s 1Xtra show I knew Stylo G’s newest featuring Sister Nancy ‘Badd’ was going to be a hit and something special. Well actually I knew from the first hearing a week or two ago again on Rodders show, but then there was only a radio rip online and I don’t like posting those. Out on October 20th. BIG UP! Strictly UK business though, despite the Jamaican/American involvement it happened here, and sounds like something that could only happen here! I’ll be in the queue to buy this, well virtually.

Also it’s obvious that after forecasting the speed garage revival a few years back, what with this and Congo Natty, Heatwave lot, Deekline & Ed Solo & Serial Killaz, it seems that jungle is making a comeback. Or at very least ragga & dancehall sounds crossed with drum and bass, electro bangers & breaks…which is jungle basically but I’m sure they’ll give it a new name! I suspect the kids into ‘future garage’ and such proto-grime influenced scenes are heading back checking out the other sounds of the 90’s, like skippety-skippety house (another forecast, that’s James’s name for it) and jungle. Or maybe it’s just time or just another coincidence…like garage I’d be happy to see jungle come back.

Here’s the making, which is a sweet video. I know Trombone Jerome from somewhere else? Deja vu…

Uhoh DJNoNo releases a new mashup – Yo-Yo Roll, Osmonds go drum & bass

What happens if you combine this:

with this?:


Yo-Yo Roll

Yo-Yo Roll (Aphrodite ‘Woman That Rolls’ vs Hugo Montenegro ‘Yo-Yo’ vs Osmonds ‘Yo-Yo’ vs Swingle Singers ‘Daytripper’)

Yes a new mashup has slithered out of NoNoTowers from DJNoNo. It looks like he’s released another bootleg, a rather funky drum & bass number combining The Osmonds 1971 hit ‘Yo-Yo’ and the brass-tastic Hugo Montenegro version with Aphrodite ‘Woman That Rolls’ and a slight sprinkling of Daytripper from the Swingle Singers. Yes he went there…

Pic includes the first ever depiction of a Yo-Yo – from Ancient Greece ca. 440 BC on a kylix, a drinking cup from Attica . You can’t say this blog aint edukashunal!

P.S. DJNoNo couldn’t get that bit to match but WHO gets a 14 year old boy to sing ‘I used to be a swinger, until you wrapped me ’round your finger….’???? I guess they were too innocent, LOL.

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