Month: January 2013

January 31 /

New video for E-Jitz cover of Pop Will Eat Itself’s ‘Def Con One’, soon to be released on Prankmonkey. It’s a tribute to 80’s scratch video and video art pioneers such as George Snow, Gorilla Tapes, Invisible Television and the…

January 31 /

Not often I put ‘wonderful’ and ‘Disney’ in the same sentence – not recently anyway – but this short film definitely is both of those. A tribute to hand drawn animation, apparently it’s a new piece of software that replicates…

January 30 /

One for all the gayers…lucky I wasn’t drinking coffee during the breakdown. (Via Scott tga and Jay-R)

January 28 /

Not really rave but more happy hardcore, but this mashup by G3RSt of Katie Perry versus Dune made me laugh. Which is always a good sign. Made of WRONG but so right. Hardcore You Know The Score! (via AudioPornCentral)