Radio Clash Show 34: the Delia Edition (was Summer Fight City)

Delia Derbyshire
Delia Derbyshire

Some Aural Alchemy, Summer in the City and it’s raining, highTunes 4.9 (or ‘Does Apple smoke corporate crack?’) and 2 (count em!) voicemails…

Please listen here (33Mb, 57:33)


  • Radiophonic intro
  • Frenchbloke & Son – Destiny Kennedy’s (request by Rev Don Deeley)
  • highTunes 4.9 – Apples and Dares
  • 1st voicemail – Bradley from New Jersey
  • 2nd voicemail – Russ –
  • Nobody’s Star – Memory Of You (bit)
  • essexboy the beathunters – angie’s summer night
  • bangers&mash – on and on in the city
  • PWEI – def con one
  • FAKEID – Party Animal
  • Delia Derbyshire & the Alchemists (find out more about Delia)
  • Delia Derbyshire – Blue Veils & Golden Sands
  • OchreMobile Foes
  • Scala – Spirit (check out April Winchell’s Smelly Collection)


  1. Ooooh… a noble challenge. Who can “offend” the itunes gods first! May the best lawbreaker win.

  2. Some guy in Albuquerque
    July 4

    DK and Nirvana. Much enjoyed.

  3. essexboy
    July 9

    just to point out, credit for angie’s summer night should go to thebeathunters, not me 😉

    you confused “angie’s” with “nothing to prove in the city”, which was the first essexboy bootleg and consisted of quincy jones’ “summer in the city” / roger sanchez ft sharleen spiteri “nothing to prove to you”

    aside from that, nice show 🙂

  4. July 9

    yes sorry about that – I always get Nothing to Prove and Angie’s Summer Night mixed up – another one I want to play tho!


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