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May 11 /

I’ve posted more mashups over at MutantPop Artists including my ambient/chilled bootlegs over at my tbc blog and some more Instamatic boots including mixes including Scissor Sisters, Outkast and Peaches amonst many!

May 10 /

Those of you who liked the anti-Radio/radio nostalgic theme of Show 25 will probably like the new post over at Reverend Menagerie’s blog, including 4 tracks that remind him of the death of radio and money in music. Check it…

May 5 /
April 28 /

Just found this site: CC mixter run by the people behind Creative Commons, it’s a community site where you can share your legal Creative Commons mashups, remixes, acapellas and original tunes…please support it, and did I say there’s loads of…