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August 19 /

Really good mashup article from Pitchfork from a self-confessed mash-fan, William Bowers. Nice to see a new mashup artist like Aggro1 get name checked, some good mentioned in there (I must play that Eve boot sometime soon, it’s one of…

August 12 /

At last my life-long dream to be on the Beeb is fulfilled! Well on the BBC website anyway…Latest BBC Collective article features Radio Clash as one of their favourites, along with my favourites also Podcheck and WFMU. EDIT: oops it’s…

August 11 /
August 9 /

You get really bad but unintentionally funny cartoons like this! (thanks to b00mb0x blog! It’s been ages that something made me cry with laughter, especially the comments! Think it’s been around, but check it if you’ve not seen it.)