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April 7 /

During my research for my Disco PHD (only partly joking, I do take it that seriously, maybe one day turn it into something more material than mixes) I discovered this anthem to gay tolerance by Theo Vaness, “As Long As…

March 31 /

Love this poster for Dizzily’s Brexit – the movie from Steve Cutts. It’s going to be SUCH a Magical Fun Ride!!!!1111 Mrs Mayhem says so! (via Peter Daniels)

March 27 /

I’ve had SO many briefs like this video from Danny Capozzi – they forgot the two I hate the most: ‘can you make it POP?’ (WTF does that EVEN mean?) and ‘Be creative’ which always means the exact opposite. It…

March 26 /

Really liking this Depeche Mode remix by Dunproofin, very timely…as DM go on stage at the 6Music festival (listening to that now live…) Also check out his cover of The Wonder Stuff’s Circlesquare. Pop star!