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May 11 /
May 6 /

It seems Adult Swim especially it’s late night 3am specials can do no wrong…look at this video of an epic 1986 synth battle from Xangelix, Morgio Zoroger and Carla Wendos. It’s genius, and makes you really want them to succeed,…

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May 4 /

Love this new video from Radiohead and Chris Hopewell, shades of Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley but also something of a darker hue. I guessed it within a minute…apples and all. The song is growing on me, I wasn’t initially…

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April 28 /

Apparently never previously released, this is mesmerising view of Dick Vaughn aka Richard Lyons performing ‘Perfect Cuts’ and perfect dancing in a mall in California. Somehow I know that thousands of millennials are trying to recreate this madness on their…

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