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December 13 /

Finally got around to some Xmess music, doesn’t feel Xmassy til December (why I tend to never get around to doing mashups til late, I don’t get in the mood – if ever – until a week or two before.…

June 28 /

Summer is here and so is another Summer Booty mashup compilation compiled by DJ Useo. 2013’s is more consistent quality-wise that previous years – I could see someone burning all 3 onto CDs then going on a long summer drive…

December 20 /

It’s been 5 years since the original Bah Humbug (the event and the CD – still up!) hit the world…in fact Kirk has repeatedly told me he plays the CD every year…so I thought in the sake of giving him another CD to play (it must be the only one he has) I’d create BAH HUMBUG II! *dramatic music*

Following the first it’s another dose of antidote to the usual sickly cheesy Xmas tunes we hear year after year…so here’s a journey into the stranger side of Xmas tunes, the extremely rude (yes this is NSFW and not for children, or anyone really), the perverted, the strange, the outsider, the silly, the misfires, mashups, the Xmas protest songs and parodies – strange, silly, bizarre and terrible – it’s all here but actually hypnotically and strangely quite good. And hopefully it’ll spread some real Scroogemas Cheer to you all! Should fit onto a 80 minute CD, and includes printable artwork in the zip.

Thanks and cheers goes to these paragons of Xmess strangeness who either were included here or nearly were – consider buying/checking them out if you like what you hear here (do you?):

  • Santastic
  • An American Song Poem Christmas
  • A Punk Rock Christmas
  • Christmas In The Stars
  • A John Waters Christmas
  • A Very Bootie Christmas / Dan Phillips
  • WFMU Beware of the Blog
  • The Vandals Christmas LP
  • Dr. Demento Presents: Greatest Christmas Novelty CD Of All Time
  • Tales From The Crypt: Have Yourself A Scary Little Christmas
  • Merry Creepmas
  • It’s a Red Peters Christmas!, Vol. 1
  • Music for Maniacs probably since I steal so much from there and then forget where I got it!
  • Kinsey Sicks ‘Ov Vey In A Manger’
  • and in case Cthulu gets annoyed: A Very Scary Solstice

So rifle through Santa’s Sac here (184Mb, Zip)

Santa’s Got A Tracklist:

October 31 /

I’ve been meaning to do a new Dark Electro / Disco Noir mix since I did the last one 3 years ago (was it really that long?).

As I’ve gotten more into dubstep, psych garage and surf oddities this is also now reflected in this late edition of Disco Noir 2 – it also has rock, dubstep, doowop, dnb, mashups (including a few from the excellent new Texas Chainsaw Mashacre album), and of course dark and cheesy disco and electro. Big love and thanks goes to them and also Mr Fab via WFMU 365 Days Project for his Disco Sickness compilation which donated a few horrible disco tracks from hell….and I’m guessing quite a few of the spoken word bits are from either of them too!

So I hope you enjoy this dark journey under the light of the moon, with the cry of the wolf, cat, cackling witch and, err, weird synthetic comic ghost noise. oooOOOoOOOOoo! And watch out for scary background noises BEHIND YOU – they creeped into the mix when I wasn’t looking.

How Can Shadows be Slimey? (120Mb, 2:11)