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June 10 /
December 6 /

https://vimeo.com/81194948 I get accused of not covering mashups enough, well I don’t but then this editorial intro to this bit wouldn’t work then, I just feel guilty about not covering enough mashups but then they’re all multimashes and I hate…

November 6 /

PomDeter removes the little-bit-rapey misogynist ick-factor from Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines by adding Village People’s YMCA. It suddenly takes on a different swing with the I Know You Want It parts 😉

September 10 /

Or, Yes People Are Still Talking About That Miley Cyrus Performance *Sigh* Had a Facebook argument about the whole Miley affair, yes in some parts this still rages on (!) and having thought about it overnight I’ve realised what’s bugging…