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March 3 /

If spring can take the snow away Can it melt away all of our mistakes Memories made in the coldest winter… As is completely predictable and traditional, I do an episode about snow and it’s mostly all gone in my…

September 12 /

Swedemason does it again with this very funny remix of The Macca. Donk! Donk! Donk! Poop! Poop! (via Rob Manuel)

April 14 /

Interesting when academics and music theorists (or in this case philosophers) talk about mashups, something I know very well if you are a frequent reader (if not: this blog started at the second mashup podcast ever – the first fizzled…

March 26 /

Really liking this Depeche Mode remix by Dunproofin, very timely…as DM go on stage at the 6Music festival (listening to that now live…) Also check out his cover of The Wonder Stuff’s Circlesquare. Pop star!