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May 25 /

More Cohen the Barbarian than SuperEgo Returns, many moons ago Commercial Suicide comics created this 6-sheet comic about Freud as a cryogenically stored psychoanalyst cum ubermensch action hero. In leather. *swoon* šŸ˜‰

Not exactly safe for work, and probably reflects more of the time (Osama Bin Laden, and the whole search for him, seems well, a bit quaint now) and apparently like other Commercial Suicide comics quite offensive and darkly humorous and probably insulting to someone, indeed everyone (and if this is anything to go by also shockingly funny).

They seem to be no more, well the website is down and I can’t find it for sale – sad as I’ve enjoyed this short comic so much I’d like more (let me know if this isn’t the case) – and these are posted everywhere so here’s those 6 sheets in full. It’s so good Freud it even has a Facebook fan group.