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December 24 /

I’m not really big on tunes for charidee after the horrors of Band Aid, and also this violates my ‘No Coldplay In Mashups Ever’ rule (‘A Bridge Over You’ being a vocal mashup of Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Bridge Over Troubled…

February 17 /

Most – in fact nearly all – Coldplay mashups suck. It’s a fact, don’t do it kids! But glad DJ Poulpi ignored that and created this very funny Lily Allen vs Coldplay mashup. Wait for the chorus. NSFW, but so,…

February 7 /

Popstar does a not very obscene gesture. People – well journalists and professional bloggers who aren’t really ‘people’ they are paid to pretend to be – get upset about it. Others get upset about that. And so the cycle continues.…

January 21 /

In a rant response to a thread on Mashstix responding to this post on FMITracks, I thought I’d post here as it fairly succinctly explains why I rarely play mashups on what was a formerly mashup podcast.

Ahh the state of mashups…I got there in 2008, what kept you guys

I’ve noticed there is two sorts of masher/bootlegger – one that does it for love, and the other that does it for fame/money/gigs. It’s the latter sort, or ones copying the likes of Girl Talk ad nauseam that are the ones creating the deluge (like that FMI guy, I get loads at Radio Clash you would not believe).

There isn’t a problem with using a well known source, but two current Top 40 tracks ISN’T a mashup, it’s just a wannabe radio blend or a medley mix (don’t get me started on terrible ‘theme’ or no theme multimashes which are like a music bore going ‘And this IS IN THE SAME KEY! OMG!’ every 30 seconds – yawn).

Mashups and bootlegs need a WTF factor, they need to cross some boundary – genre, taste, time/era, musicality even – to really qualify. Yes you can mash similar things together, but I think for it to work it needs some originality or space between the sources. Mixing LFMAO with Lady Gaga or Black Eyed Peas (for example) isn’t original, they are doing roughly the same thing, and are current pop stars. Mixing LMFAO with Benny HIll, or Gaga with Pantera, or Black Eyed Peas with Extreme Noise Terror with all the BEP filtered out (can you guess I’m not a fan :-P) would be at least something new.

But there are