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January 10 /

Around the new year UK hip hop lost a great rapper and producer, Mark Barnes aka Mark B (of Mark B and Blade fame). I held off saying much because I wanted something more official than a tweet from others…

March 19 /

Just heard this on 6Music – UK Hip Hop represent! Love it…and it has a good message. Love the subtle ska sample too (Dave & Ansell Collins) great touch. ‘Kick Snare And An Idea Part 1’ the album is out…

October 24 /

Good show old chap! I have a feeling Chas n’ Dave and Viv Stanshall (RIP) would love this, wherever they all are πŸ˜€ Especially going out to the Bristol massif, Lumpy, Juxtaposeur and Angus…this one’s for you πŸ™‚

April 5 /