The Sound of Belgium

Here’s a brilliant documentary on the music of Belgium, which might sound as flat, long and boring as those infamous roads, but those who love electronic music know better.

From automatic playing organs with their 3kg cardboard programmes to New Beat and Rave, it runs the whole gamut from Boccaccio (a club that I wish I could jump into a time machine and visit), to slowing down Mel Tormé records. It also has the guy that engineered Telex’s Moskow Diskow, Ancienne Belgique, CJ Bolland’s post punk electronica, Jade4U, Renaat from R&S and of course Hoover-tastic  Joey Beltram amongst many, many more.

I grew up on the late stage of Belgian music which inspired UK rave – loved T99 and Quadraphonia, and Jade4U on Praga Khan’s records. Later digging brought me to New Beat and the likes of Lords of Acid, via the excellent (and I now find linked, not for the first time I have I heard the music/soundtrack before the film!) TSOB compilations. I own the first one,  they are all highly recommended.

And you can watch this documentary for free over at Boiler Room! (geo-blocks and time-limits allowing, don’t moan at me if you can’t, get a VPN or a time machine! Actually if you’ve got the latter can I borrow it to nip back to Boccacio and AB? Via Shoom, Studio 54, The Loft and Land of Oz? Ta!)

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