Month: October 2018

October 31 /

Something spooky for Hallowe’en is this video from MIT’s Deep Angel showing ‘AI Spirits’ – the reverse of neural networks and ‘deep mind’ removing people from photographs is to try and put them back again. The result is something akin…

October 29 /

Were you planning to sleep tonight? This Japanese commercial for noodle sauce should put paid to that. Here is the webcam of myself watching this: Or should that be more? With a few jump scares to boot. Scary dolls invading…

October 29 /
October 26 /

For Halloween love this Backstreet Boys parody…Slashstreet Boys! Only thing that seems to be odd is given all those young people there with Jason, Michael, Ghostface, Freddie and Leatherface no-one (maybe) gets killed. Too tempting for them… (via Christian CjR)