Low Triptych

I’ve been listening to Double Negative – in fact my mask from when they played live in August is just a few feet away – and the album is taking some time to settle with it’s ‘Beach House’ and chillwave distortion and vocal effects…Quorum was such a shock I was like – do I like this? when I first heard it. I like the religious choir-like tones, which given the probable subject is appropriate.

But the videos are making more sense, as is the Genius lyrics. Quorum probably being a reference to Mormonism, which as anyone knows has been wracked with infighting which I doubt Mimi and Alan are happy with, nor support the banning of children and same-sex couples.

And very personal video of Alan’s mother is included as well…it’s a rare peek into their lives, simultaneously very private and very close, only they can manage to be so open and yet so obscure. And I love the pole dancing old guy! Dancing and Blood being one of my current faves on Double Negative.

But it seems as much a wider comment on the state of well, The States and the world at the moment as a personal thing? Which as the feeling pervades everything at the moment, you cannot separate the personal and the public anymore – could you ever? But at this time it’s so interlocked, the state of the world being the state of you.

(I also had a little thrill that they used the same beach b-roll footage I used for my Novae Servae video…obviously a fan of Archive.org’s free footage as well ;-))

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