Why You Don’t Want To Go Viral

This is very true… sage advice for viral hit seekers, podcasters, bloggers, mashup artists etc. about following up a ‘hit’ or something that has gone viral – something I’ve sort of done a few times with mashups and once ot twice with the podcast – is impossible.

Especially if you’re trying to make money at it… Audiences go away, things become less shiny, things change, you get bored with churning out the same thing, or can’t recreate the magic cos it was a fluke. Quite often it’s best to do it for love, and then see if anything works. Doing anything creative for money almost never ever works.

You have to cope with that, and either keep going or do something else. Part of the reason I stopped the podcast for a long time, was this realisation. (via The KLF group on Facebook, funnily enough)

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